Company Profile

Mission Statement

Creating products from ideas and driving those products into emerging domestic and international markets to provide retailers with the new innovative products their customers demand

Business Focus

Product Development,  Sourcing, Manufacturing, Consumer Product Sales & Representation, Complete Support Services, Specialize in Health and Wellness Categories

Company Overview

ProLink International’s overarching goal is to put great products into great markets and ensure their success. ProLink uses a variety of in-house personnel, as well as outside solutions, to always ensure we get the job done efficiently, inexpensively and, most importantly, correctly. From our in-house design team, to our parent company’s factories, to our in-house sales department, to our logistics department, we secure and manage the entire process. From idea to creation to retail, we control all production steps for our products and we help you do the same. We have an open door policy inside and outside our company.

We are employee-focused and believe our employees are our greatest asset. We employ over 200 people and have 15+ years of experience in product research and development and 50+ years extensive retail and sales experience. We have experience developing products in electronics, health & wellness, infant & toddler, housewares, celebrations and sporting goods. Our customers include Walmart, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby, Kroger, Macy’s and many others. EK USA, Private Label Nutraceuticals and Retail Direct, LLC are just a few of our partners.

Our offices are located in Bentonville, AR, Springville, UT, and Hong Kong, and we have factories in China and Vietnam.


Retail Connections

Mass Market Merchants

–  Walmart

–  Target

–  K-Mart

–  Sears

–  Dollar General


–  Walgreens

–  CVS

–  Rite Aid


Department Stores

– Macy’s

– Nordstrom’s

– JC Penny

– Kohl’s


–  Kroger

–  Safeway

–  SuperValu

–  Bi-Lo Holding

–  HEB

–  Wegmans


–  Sam’s Club

–  Costco


–  Toys R Us

–  Best Buy

–  Michael’s

–  Hobby Lobby