Meet The Team

Darrell Gibby

Our Legal Department specializes in creating partnerships and compliance with laws and regulations.

Darrell Gibby, In-House Counsel with over 8 years experience in corporate law, oversees our strategic partnerships, ensures our compliance with regulations, and manages our Intellectual Property. Darrell also servers as the Managing Director.


James Beutler

Our New Business department seeks out new relationships and develops them into strategic partnerships.

James Beutler, Director of New Business, has over 10 years in product sales with an additional 14 years as a buyer with Walmart.

He oversees New Business and cultivates relationships using his expertise and experience in business development.

Michael Bahn

Our Logistics department manages and handles the transportation and stocking of our products.

Michael Bahn, with his 20+ years experience in transportation and supply chain management, develops best practices for the supply chain, helps reduce excessive costs, and maximize bottom line savings.

Teresa Juergens

Our Business Operations department is the hub all of the other departments and brings them together seamlessly.

Teresa Juergens, Director of Business Operations, has 30 years of experience in office management and leverages the experience to plan and develop systems for efficient operation.

Jodi is committed to helping clients think about how a shopper experiences a brand inside a retail environment.


Tim Fulmer

Our Accounting department works with retailers ensuring invoices and purchase orders are processed accurately and, more importantly, on- time.

Tim Fulmer CPA PA, brings his experience as a corporate accountant for over 20 years to ensure accuracy and timeliness of documents as well as planning the business and financial future.