B3 Box

Brain Cubed – Single

Stay Sharp

Students: study longer for that big exam. Drivers: get in that last run or longer haul safely and efficiently. Shift Workers: Put in that much needed over-time without feeling overworked.

Maximize Your Results

Maximize your mind with stress reduction, anxiety relief, and a feeling of calm relaxation. Maximize your overall mental health and vitality.

Research Backed

Research has shown that Brain3 ingredients N-Acetyl L Carnitine, Ginkgo Biloba, St John’s Wart, Bacopa Monniera, Phosphatidylserine and L-Glutamine may help regrow neurons, improve focus and alertness and create powerful new pathways for an ‘ageless’ brain.

Ginko Biloba Driven

Gingko supports blood flow to the brain and studies have shown that Ginkgo biloba extract may have various health benefits, including those for failing memory, dementia and poor blood circulation.


BacoSmart® Bacopa – Traditionally used as an ayurvedic treatment of anxiety and insomnia, bacopa has recently received much attention for improving cognitive function.

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Product Description

Safe and Effective

Brain3 is a safe, effective blend of highly-standardized herbal ingredients backed by clinical studies on enhancing brain performance.

Scientifically Developed

With powerful ingredients to boost memory, mood and concentration, Brain3 is formulated and blended to be a potent restorative for your brain by supporting youthful memory and helping eliminate mental fatigue.

Improves Memory Function

Phosphatidylserine, a key ingredient of Brain3 has been shown to improve memory, concentration, word recall, and mood in middle-aged and elderly people with dementia and age-related cognitive decline.

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