Natural Sleep

Dream Sleep is the world’s most advanced sleep aid ever developed and is the first natural replacement for prescription sleep medication.

Fast Acting

Users report feeling the beneficial effects of Dream Sleep in as soon as 10-15 minutes.


Up to 95% of DreamSleep user report positive results.


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Product Description

More than Just a Sleep Aid

Dream Sleep features unique ingredients designed to increase sociability and decrease inhibition, to enhance mental focus and clarity, and to reduce stress and anxiety.

The Power of Passionflower

What separates Dream Sleep from all other natural products is the proprietary extraction process of Passionflower – at a whopping 90% purity.

No Lingering Drowsiness

Dream Sleep helps provide fast-acting, long-lasting rest without lingering drowsiness thanks to a European 8% extract of Valerian.

New Formula

A revolutionary new formula designed to promote mood enhancement, relaxation, and promote rest.

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