Fastin XR

Prescription Strength

The active ingrediants in Fastin®-XR used to be purchased ONLY through prescription. But no longer! This Fastin®-XR is 100% approved for over the counter sale.

Jitter FREE

Only Fastin®-XR gives you the weight lose aid you’ve been looking for, without the dreaded jitters.

Fast Acting

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Product Description


Fastin®-XR includes dimethylamylamine(DMAA), a sympathomimetic amine. This means it mimics norepinephrine– the neurotransmitter that kicks off stimulant activity in the body.

Lasting Effects

Fastin®-XR ‘s unique delivery system insures you feel-good, energy-enhancing, and weight control effects throughout the day.

Serious Appetite Suppressant

All of the stimulant ingredients in Fastin®-XR,
including Thermo-Rx® and other potent stimulants, help support your ability to control your desire to eat.

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